Unsolved mysteries provides no closure for relatives

Sometimes there is no closure. Such is the case with a handful of relatives of tourists who have gone missing in Costa Rica over the last 11 years.

This week seven years ago Laura McCloud-Vockery and her new husband vanished when they took a sportfishing boat out into the Pacific from Flamingo. The honeymoon couple and a crew of three have not been heard from again, although there is a possibility that the body of the husband, Mark Vockery, was found and personal items were stolen. His credit card was used 15 days later.

The bride had an identical twin sister, Lisa Herrington of Lexington, Kentucky. Like clockwork, Ms. Herrington reminds A.M. Costa Rica staffers of her sister’s disappearance each year near the anniversary. This year she included another photo.

“A memory but so vivid, for this week will be seven years (July 29, 2005) since this couple went missing in Costa Rica. A photo is so priceless such as this one to see the beauty this couple bestows upon on us. My sister Laura and her husband Mark will live in our hearts forever.”

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