Workers have two holidays this month, and days are inflexible

The Día de la Virgen de los Ángeles is Thursday, and the day is a holiday in Costa Rica.

But employers do not have to pay their employees if they take the day off.

The Ministerio de Trabajo characterizes the day as one of feriado de pago no obligatorio. But that is true only for those individuals and firms that pay their employees every week. Those who pay by the month or those who pay every 15 days have to compensate their employees even if they do not work this day.

In addition, the holiday cannot be moved to another day of the
week, such as Friday, according to the law, although many firms do this.

This is the day when there is a Roman Catholic Mass at the basilica in Cartago that will be attended by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims.

There is yet another legal holiday in August, and that is Wednesday, Aug. 15. This is the Día de la Madre or mother’s day. Employes have to be paid for this day even though they have the day off. If an employee works, he or she is supposed to be paid double.

Most government and business offices will be closed that day, but retail stores will be trying to sell the last few gifts for months.

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