Zumba dance fitness craze goes to sea in Manuel Antonio

This is the ‘Ocean King.’ Note slides on the stern.

The Catamaran Tour of Manuel Antonio will offer a zumba fitness cruise beginning Aug. 18.

The boat, “Ocean King,” has two jacuzzis, two trampolines, two cross slides, and a bar. Those who partake in the tour will be able to indulge in a four-hour cruise that allows them to dance Latin-inspired choreography for an hour then enjoy the features of the catamaran.

The cruise also goes to a private bay where patrons can swim, water slide and snorkel. Lunch is provided there.

“We leave at 8:30 a.m. and head out to sea, but not real far,” said Instructor Marianna Love. You can still see land, but it’s just far enough to see whales if they are migrating, and, of course, we always see a huge group of dolphins. We relax, have fresh tropical fruits, cookies, crackers, and any type of drink that any one would want. Alcohol is always available, and if they chose they can have that too. It’s without limits on food and drink. Then we cruise near to Manuel Antonio to see the wild life on the small islands as we get close to the beautiful coastline of Manuel Antonio. The music is turned up we head to the top and we dance as we pass the beach.”

“I believe will be a great success. People already are calling about it,” she added.

Ms. Love will be the main instructor on the boat. She is a native of Sicily but has lived in the United States, Spain, Europe, Costa Rica and Honduras. Since childhood, she has enjoyed dance.

“I realized that dance was in my bones since I was a tiny girl. I loved to dance and sing and entertain. I was always in talent contests, singing in groups and dancing at clubs my whole life. Zumba was so natural to just let go and dance and forget everything while working your body right in to shape. A party every day,” she said.

For Ms. Love, zumba, originally a Colombian fitness program, has not just been a dance style, but a way to regain self-confidence and revamp her body image.

“A friend of my friend introduced me while visiting my son and grandson,” said Ms. Love. I was very overweight. I did not like it at first because I was frustrated with the moves, but after five or so times, I became addicted and in love with the concept of dancing to wonderful Latino and American music of today and yesterday. I could not get enough of it, until finally I noticed I was losing weight and feeling very different mentally and physically.”

Exuding positivity, she issues the challenge for all, no matter the age or dance talent, to join the movement.

“Zumba is for everyone, not just young, not just dancers, not just women, and not just men. Dance is for everyone, of every age. I am 58 years old, but I don’t look it nor feel it now. I have lost more than 100 pounds dancing. I am thinner and in better health than I have ever been in my life. Zumba is a blast. You have to just let go, move, shake it and not worry about your mistakes.  Soon you will be dancing with the stars,” she said.

If the tour is a success, Ocean King will have two zumba cruises a month.  On Nov. 17, there will be the first sunset zumba cruise with glow art and glow sticks.

There are also other catamaran tours.  More information isHERE! 

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