Article about improvements mostly draws agreement

In response to your lead article titled “Country seems to have made great strides,” I basically agree. There have been many improvements over the past 10 years, and as one who has been here for more years than that, I can certainly relate to most of the points made in the article.

So, are we living in paradise now? Almost.

We still don’t have street addresses. Granted, those of us who have lived here for any length of time have gotten used to it. I see GPS devices for sale in the stores and for the life of me can’t understand how they could be of much use.

Also in today’s issue of A.M. Costa Rica, you report a failure of cell and Internet services. Between cell service, Internet, electricity, water, regular telephone service and cable TV, I jokingly tell my family in the United States that it seems impossible to have all six working at the same time.

Major purchases, such as cars, home electronics, large appliances, computers, and smart phones are still a lot more expensive than what they should be. I recently purchased a new TV and it was at least 50 percent higher than prices I found on the Internet. I needed a pet carrier for my cat and paid $70 for the same thing found on Amazon for $25.

Your article mentions Walmart. Sorry, Walmart Latin America just doesn’t cut it for me. Have you seen the quality of the household items they stock? Walmart is one step up from Pequeno Mundo.

In addition to the good progress you mention in the article, you left out Amnet, now Tigo. Amnet/Tigo has had a lot of bashing from readers of A.M. Costa Rica, but I have been a satisfied customer for a long time. I have 5 MBs Internet service, and it is not only reliable, but it’s actual speed comes pretty close to it’s advertised speed (according to tests I make from time to time). And the cost is half of what it was a few years ago (from $99 a month down to $49). They even offer 10 MBs service now. I also subscribe to their cable TV service, and they just doubled the number of HD channels with no fanfare and no increase in cost. Ironically, while writing this letter to the editor, I was going to check on exactly how many new HD channels were added. Guess what. Their Web site is down. I refer you to my comment about services not working.

Good article, A.M Costa Rica. I’d like to see more like this!

Tony Waddell

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