Bail set at $50,000 for physician who is suspect in murder case

A physician accused of cutting the throat of his girl friend can get out of jail if he posts 25 million colons as a bond.

That’s about $50,000.

The physician, who has the last names of Saavedra Zamora is accused of killing the woman in his medical office in the center of Heredia Tuesday morning. Police interrupted him while he was dragging the woman’s corpse down the corridor of the building, they said.

The woman has been identified as María Lourdes Dávila Moreno. She was 26. In addition to wounds believed administered by a scaple she suffered bruises in the face. Neighbors reported that they heard screams Tuesday morning, the presumed time of the murder, said the Poder Judicial.
Although the circumstances have not yet come out in court, police and informal sources say that the physician had a long-running affair with the woman after he met her at the public clinic where he works. In addition to working at the clinic, the physician shares a private office with his wife of four years, a psychologist. The woman visited the physician about 7 a.m. Tuesday perhaps to tell him she was pregnant, said informal sources.

An autopsy is awaited.

In addition to setting bail a judge in the Juzgado Penal de Heredia also made other stipulations if the physician gets out of jail. The Poder Judicial said that he cannot visit his medical office and cannot talk to witnesses of members of the woman’s family. In addition the man has to sign in with prosecutors once a month. Prosecutors had sought to have the man ja

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