Bandits using taxi drivers for long-distance heists

Robbers are getting taxi drivers to do their work, the Judicial Investigating Organization reported Wednesday.

In a scenario that seems like it comes from late night television, crooks call up a taxi dispatcher and ask a driver to be dispatched to a certain store, said the judicial police, giving this additional explanation:

About the time the driver reaches the store, the crook calls the dispatcher and obtains the cell number of the driver. On the pretext that the telephone in the store is either out of service or busy, the crook tells the driver to enter the store and give the cell phone to the clerk.

That’s when the robber tells the clerk that the driver is armed and wants the money put in an envelope. When the clerk delivers the cash to the man he or she thinks is a robber, the taxi driver delivers the money to the crook, all the while not knowing he has been an accomplice to a stickup.

To add insult to injury, the crook sometimes declines to pay the taxi driver for the trip.

Judicial police said this technique has not been used before in Costa Rica.

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