Bolero show Thursday include Tico dance form

ancers of the Academia Kinesis will put on a bolero dance show Thursday in Alajuela for mothers in honor of El Día de la Madre.

The presentation will take place at 12:10 p.m. in Museo Histórico Cultural Juan Santamaría, as part of the weekly noon theater presentation. It will feature bolero in its various forms, including classic and creole.

“The idea is to present a series of boleros that we work in the various genres, which can be danced with more modern music,” said the academy director, Grettel Rodríguez.

The show will present, in addition, a form of dance that was born in the Costa Rican classrooms: the bolero Creole, said the director.

Ms. Rodríguez stressed that this bolero is Costa Rican and pointed out that “what is being sought is to rescue bolero Creole, and that people know this other type of bolero.”

Two instructors will participate in the presentation. Daniel Hernández, nicknamed Tito, from Group Ex Taboo will demonstrate the Cuban bolero or bolero salon style that blends several styles of music such as cha cha, the ballad and the bolero. This dance can be done in pairs or trios, said Ms. Rodríguez.

The other instructor is named Miguel Miranda. He is from the group Sabor Latino. He will show different ways of dancing the bolero.

Theater at noon offers presentations every Thursday at 12:10 p.m. in Auditorio Juan Rafael Mora, at the Museo Histórico in Alajuela. Tickets are 1,000 colons and can be reserved at 2441-4775.

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