Caldera flood victims being moved to Esparza

The 70 families evicted from their homes by high seas in Caldera will be resettled in Esparza, according to a statement from Agnes Gómez Franceschi, a legislator representing that area.

High seas and a storm in the Pacific generated waves higher than normal over the weekend, and many homes were flooded. The national emergency commission said no one was missing,

Many agencies joined in helping the families who were flooded out. The flooding also put a spotlight on the spit of sand called Puntarenas where officials have known for years that rising seas would inundate the coast and create an island.

A.M. Costa Rica first published a report by the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional nine years ago that showed rising sea levels would reduce the Puntarenas land area. The institute has even created a map that shows how the sea will encroach on the land.

The seas have been rising for the last 10,000 years, and scientists only argue over how high it might go. The situation has implications for other coastal areas.

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