Derek Walcott, Quince Duncan to be honorees at book fair

Nobel Prize winner Derek Walcott and Costa Rican writer Quince Duncan will present and participate in sessions that analyze their literature during the Feria Internacional del Libro en Costa Rica 2012 at the Antigua Aduana.

Between Aug. 27 and 29, the literacy festival will offer conferences, speeches, and cultural events that seek to discuss and offer a tribute to Afro-Caribbean literature.

The intent is to recognize the African contribution to the social, economic and cultural development of Costa Rica.

Walcott, a native of Saint Lucia, won a Nobel Prize in literature in 1992 for his poetic works. He gained fame from his epic poem “Omeros” that depicts characters, language and stories from his home. Another popular work is his collection of poetry called “White Egrets.”

International moderators will oversee the program, “An analysis on the literature of Derek Walcott,” Monday at 1: 45 p.m and a meeting with Walcott at 4 p.m.

Carol Britton, representative of the 14th festival of flowers of the African Diaspora, said Walcott is one of the most important writers of the Caribbean.

Quince Duncan is a Costa Rican Afro-Caribbean writer in the Spanish language. His novels and short stories, mostly about Limón living, have won the Premio Nacional de Literatura and Premio Editorial Costa Rica awards.

The seminar “Retrospective of the work of Quince Duncan as a writer” will be Aug. 29 at 3 p.m.

The literary festival will be held through Sept. 2 at Antigua Aduana. It opens with a festival of children, where Costa Rican students from various regions are invited to come to the facility at 9 a.m. The location is now called the Centro para las Artes y Tecnología La Aduana.

Later that same day, the fair will officially open to the public at 6 p.m.

Feria Internacional del Libro en Costa Rica 2012 will have more than 46 national and international exhibitors. The exhibitors come from places such as Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Peru, Spain, Nicaragua and the Caribbean.

“Our desire to contribute to the strengthening of the book fair of Costa Rica has also been translated in the outreach work we’ve done with the Cámara Costarricense del Libro,” said Manuel Obregón, minister of Cultura y Juventud.

Besides the exhibitors, the Festival Flowers of the African Diaspora will host a program with more than 150 activities for different audiences who visit the fair.

Activities range from children’s entertainment to workshops for professionals in different areas and a symposium on Afro-Caribbean literature.

It will also feature book presentations, a cooking contest, activities to promote reading, creative writing, exhibitions and various cultural and musical activities.

The book fair will remain open to the public until Sept. 2, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., On Sept. 2 it will close at 6 p.m.

General admission is 1,000 colons.

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