Economics ministry pushing bill to give consumers more rights

The economics ministry is pushing a bill that would give more rights to consumers.

Mayi Antillón, the minister, appeared last week before a legislative committee to outline the reasons for a law to defend consumers, No. 7472. She told lawmakers that the existing law has not been changed for 18 years. The proposed law includes regulations for time payments and for credit card sales.

Among other changes, the bill would include small and medium-enterprises as consumers. The bill also would increase from 60 days to six months the period in which a consumer can file a complaint against a vendor.

The bill also would eliminate a fixed period of 30 days for
guarantees and established periods consistent to the type of project. In addition, consumers would have the right to get back the sales price or to get a replacement for the article.

The bill also establishes a special and quick system for hearing consumer complaints.

Companies that sell on time would be required to file documents outlining their policies and agreements. This also would include sales of tickets for future events. This has been a problem in the past when a popular show is canceled, and those who purchased tickets may or may not get their money back.
The measure is one of several with similar goals in the legislative hopper.

The Ministerio de Economía, Industria y Comercio maintains a consumer protection department.

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