Emergency officials express satisfaction with tsunami alert setup

Officials in the national emergency commission are expressing satisfaction with the way the country’s tsunami alert system worked Sunday.

The commission convened a session Tuesday of experts on earthquakes and the coast to discuss what happened Sunday night. That was when a 7.3-magnitude earthquake took place off the shore of El Salvador. A tsunami alert followed quickly.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center alerted Costa Rican officials as well as officials in Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador and Panamá. Workers at the Comisión
Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias quickly notified local emergency commission staffers along the Pacific coast about the possibility of a tsunami, the commission reported Tuesday.

The commission also turned to social networks and the mass media to alert coastal residents, but the warning was canceled quickly. There was a small wave detected in southern El Salvador.

The persons who attended the meeting agreed that some strengthening of the alert system was needed and that official reports should be sent out to counter false reports that were seen on some of the social networks.

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