Executive branch will suport legal status for same-sex couples

The executive branch has declined to seek a change in the family code that would allow same-sex marriage, but it will support a cohabitation agreement bill. Casa Presidencial announced this Monday afternoon.

Called sociedades de convivencia in Spanish, the agreement, if created by law, would provide basic legal rights for same-sex partners who choose to live together. The proposal for such an agreement came after the executive branch studied five measures that already are before the legislature that provided certain rights to same-sex couples.

Representatives of diversity organization met with officials Monday at Casa Presidencial. August is a time in which the legislature meets in extraordinary session, called that because it is not a regular month to meet as specified in the Costa Rican Constitution. So the executive branch controls the agenda.

The legislature’s human rights committee rejected a concept of a cohabitation agreement in June, and this brought criticism of the head of the committee, Justo Orozco, who represented a religious political party in the Asamblea Legislativa.

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