Farmers on the march to suport bill that would cut their taxes

Partido Liberación Nacional photo
Farms congregate in front of the legislature.

Thousands of agriculture workers and farm owners from different farmer organizations across Costa Rica arrived in buses to Parque Central to support a proposed law, N° 18.070.

They are demanding passage of the measure that will exempt much of their agricultural land from taxes.

Corporacion Ganadera, Camara de Ganadera de Carrillo Guanacaste, and Junta Nacional de Ferias del Agriculture were some of the organizations represented.

The demonstrators marched to the legislative complex. Some carried signs with messages about not raising taxes, while others dressed in western clothes and guided oxen attached to oxcarts.

Also, people linked arms to symbolize a united front, and marched with the Costa Rican flag as patriotic music played.
The march ended at the assembly, where demonstrators were met by a live band that played meringue music from a stage. Also, from this stage, organizers gave speeches about the cause to the crowd.

Meanwhile, Casa Presidencial confirmed that the proposed law will be among those that the executive branch designates for action during the August session of the Asamblea Legislativa.

The agricultural sector has said that if productive land is assessed as current law requires, the price of food will go up.

A.M. Costa Rica/Kayla Pearson
Tax protesters are led by a sound truck down Avenida 2 in San José.

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