Firms involved in medical tourism plan a meeting Thursday

The Cámara National de Turismo and the Promoción Internacional de la Medicina de Costa Rica will host a business meeting Thursday in the hopes of opening more spaces for chain businesses and creating more opportunities for new businesses.

Health and tourist companies will be able to offer their products to more than 50 employee associations in exchange for a training talk about medical tourism and marketing packages during the program called “Rueda de Negocios & Actividades de Encadenamiento,” the organizations said.

“Business chaining is a smart strategy that benefits tourist business. We definitely consider that solidarist associations play an important role as an ally in the exhibition of the national tourist product to a fundamental market for the activity as a domestic tourist,” said Juan Carlos Ramos, president of the chamber.

The purpose of the meeting is to provide a gateway for tourist operators to negotiate with markets that don’t get a lot of business.
Experts who focus in medical tourism and the creation of tourist packages will give the training lectures with the intent of providing tools and transmitting knowledge that will contribute to the competitive development of the tourist industry of the country, reported the chamber.

Brad Cook, owner of Medical Tours Costa Rica, will be exhibiting on international patient care. Luis Carlos Eduarte, general manager of the Hotel Bougainvillea will explain successful medical tourism, and Rafael Gallo, owner of the tour company Ríos Tropicales, will talk about creating tourist packages.

“One of the determinants that has allowed the country to be recognized as an attractive tourist destination has been the preparation of the human resource of companies, so we seek constant training of professionals in tourism to continue to provide a highly competitive product,” said Ramos.

Since medical tourism is a market that attracts international patients and involves national services that include health, accommodation, transportation, food service and tours, organizers said they believe this meeting is important. The meeting will be in Hotel Radisson Europa from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information call 2234-6222.

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