Growers seek to brand their national production of potatoes

The country’s potato farmers are going to brand their product with a little seal of a Sr. Potatohead.

The idea is to give consumers the news that the potato came from Costa Rica. Potato growers are facings growing international competition.

The Cámara Costarricense de Productores de Papa announced this Wednesday, which happened to be the national day of the potato.

The seal said that Costa Rican potatoes are of the best quality. The country has about 1,000 potato growers, and they have been facing over production in recent months, said the chamber. This year’s production may reach 34,000 tons, the chamber said, about 8,000 tons more than the annual average.

The official presentation of the new seal was to be Wednesday night in Cartago, the heart of potato country.

The growers will round out the festivities with the first national potato fair in Plaza Mayor de Cartago near the Las Ruinas this weekend. Growers will have suggestions on ways to prepare potatoes Individual branding of food products is not new. The concept has been tried with eggs, apples and a number of other products to encourage loyalty from consumers.

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