How about the chickens and the treatment here

On Friday we were touched by the story of Buddy the turtle/beach dog, and how a private group is trying to help him. Apart from the Jacó group, there are others, including the P.A.W.S. people in Quepos. Started by expat women, P.A.W.S. has made strides in addressing the local unwanted pet problem, and nurtured significant community support and awareness. Costa Rica needs individuals for this role all the more because there is no government support for humane societies, or for that matter laws and regulations regarding animal cruelty or welfare.

But after reading about Buddy, the next article was Jo Stuart’s chatty defense of eggs – cholesterol-laden yokes included. How delicious, but she wasn’t at all talking about where these eggs come from, or the possible conditions of the laying hens. I can guarantee her that these hens do not get the few extra cage inches that a bitter battle has won them in some U.S.A. jurisdictions, and would go so far to speculate that their general treatment is nothing short of shocking. Come on Jo, as the progressive voice at A.M. Costa Rica, I challenge you to investigate industrial chicken operations in Costa Rica.

I doubt if they would let any visitor in to see, but it would be interesting to try. Let’s see if your defense of eggs can include the innocent creatures that produce this gastronomic bounty
R. Martin

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