Kidnap victim guarded kilos of coke in his home

A strange tale is unfolding in Guachipelín de Escazú.

Neighbors in a subdivision there saw armed men take away a neighbor Tuesday and reported the incident. Although the men were dressed as police officers, they were not, officials concluded, and began a search for the presumed victim.

He was identified as a 40-year-old Colombian with the last name of Solano.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that to follow up on the apparent kidnapping, agents obtained a search warrant for the man’s luxury home. There they found 49 kilos of cocaine, said the agency.

Nearby they found a car that contained $3,000 in cash. Agents said that a trained dog found what appeared to be drug residue in the vehicle. Neighbors told police that three men arrived in the vehicle and stopped a short distance away when they saw police apparently taking away the occupant of the house. They left the vehicle and fled.

Now agents have what they believe to be a kidnapping wrapped up in a drug case with at least seven persons involved.

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