Puntarenas mayor detained on four allegations

Judicial agents took into custody Wednesday the mayor of Puntarenas on four allegations including that he allowed the dismantling of a gymnasium.

The mayor is Rafael Ángel Rodríguez Castro. He was arrested at the municipal building shortly before 11 a.m., said the Judicial Investigating Organization. The gymnasium, a donation to the municipality, was in El Roble.

The Poder Judicial said that allegations against the mayor include making a direct contract without bids for a concession of the municipal bathrooms on the Paseo de los Turistas. He also overruled a vice mayor who had stopped the salary for an employee who was absent for nine days, said the Poder Judicial. There also was a case where he authorized construction to continue on a restaurant where a fine had been levied, said the Poder Judicial.

The mayor has been in office two years.

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