Retailer seeks old appliances and computers to recycle

Gollo, one of Costa Rica’s largest home and electronic appliance vendors, announced that the company will collect and properly recycle old machines like computers and refrigerators and dispose of them in a way that is safe for the environment and for other people.

Trying to catch families, especially mothers, who received new appliances and gadgets for mother’s day, the announcement urged people to not leave the old electronic equipment in the yard or on the side of the road like normal trash because this equipment may disperse harmful metals, chemicals and toxins if exposed to the elements.
Instead, Gollo urged people to take their old electronic equipment to one of their 116 stores across the country. From there, the Gollo will take them to collection centers where another company based in Canada will properly dispose of these products, according to the announcement.

Gollo boasts in the release that its electronic recycling program has collected more than 30 tons of electronic equipment over the past four months and they plan to keep up the program’s momentum. The company will accept all old electronics regardless of whether or not they were purchased at Gollo, and will also accept tires in order to prevent discarded tires in dumps from collecting water where dengue-carrying mosquitoes can breed.

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