Riteve opponents say they are bringing a case against president

Accion Democratica photo
José Miguel Corrales watches while Claudio Monge Pereira explains the action against the president.

The Movimiento Dignidad Nacional said Wednesday that it was bringing a criminal case against President Laura Chinchilla because the vehicle inspection firm Riteve S y C has been given a 10-year extension to do business here.

The announcement came at a press conference in the legislative building from Claudio Monge Pereira of the Partido Acción Democracia and former lawmaker José Miguel Corrales, representing the dignity movement.

The complaint also lists several other government officials.

The revision tecnica opponents say that the new transport law requires the Ministerio de Obras Pública y Transportes to open up the vehicle inspection process.

They also argue that there was no public bidding and that these actions hurt local vehicle shops. Monge said that the current firm cannot provide the services because one of its partners is a foreign Spanish firm.

The opponents allege favoritism on the part of the president.

Riteve has established inspection stations all over the country and as a condition of the concession extension, it has agreed to build more.

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