Some lawmakers balk at letting U.S. ship deliver drug proofs

here is another dispute in the legislature over the proposed arrival of a U.S. ship carrying drugs to be used here as evidence.

The “USS Carr” is carrying 4,134 pounds of marijuana that is to be used as evidence against two Costa Ricans and a Nicaraguan who were captured at sea. Foreign military vessels need legislative permission to land in Costa Rica. Even U.S. Coast Guard boats like the “Carr.”
The Partido Liberación Nacional said that negative votes by the minority Partido Acción Ciudadana prevented consideration of the measure Tuesday. The security ministry said that there was about 3,000 kilograms of high potency marijuana that was thrown into the sea during a chase at sea. The ministry said that if the evidence is not produced quickly, the men will go free.

Certain lawmakers routinely oppose visits by U.S. flagged military vessels, even though some have come to Costa Rica for shore leave and the purchase of supplies and fuel.

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