Tax police conduct raids and confiscate 3,423 TVs

Policía de Control Fiscal photo
These are some of the televisions that were confiscated.

Tax police raided two warehouses Tuesday and confiscated 3,423 flat-screen televisions, according to legislators who were advised of the action.

Also participating was the Fiscalía de Delitos Tributarios.

Without naming names, the report said that the warehouses contained goods from a major Costa Rican electronics sale firm that has stores all over the country. The report did not name the firm.

The investigation is seeking evidence of smuggled goods, and sources said that the evasion of import tax is of enormous proportions. The televisions were described as being 19, 24 and 32-inches.

This appears to be the largest confiscation by the Policía de Control Fiscal del Ministerio de Hacienda in recent years.

A photo released by the tax police showed boxes of flat-screen televisions stacked to the ceiling.

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