Three more new bills about ready to hit the streets

These are the reverse sides of the new bill that will enter into circulation soon.

The Banco Central will be coming out with three more new bills, the final trio in a set of six. Three, 1,000 colons, 2,000 colons and 20,000 colons already are in circulation.

The new bills are a yellow 5,000-colon note that bears the face of Alfredo González Flores, who was president from 1914 to 1917. The Heredia native was deposed in a coup before completing his term.

The new green 10,000-colon note bears the image of José Figueres Ferrer, who led a coup or civil war sparked by election fraud in 1948 against the government of Rafael Calderón Guardia.

Figueres is best known for abolishing the Costa Rican army and walking a fine line between East and West in his three presidential terms.

Ricardo Jiménez Oreamuno is on the blue 50,000-colon bill. He, too, was president three times and held a number of other public posts in the first
half of the 20th century, including court president.

The rear of the 50,000-colon note is a cloud forest with a blue morpho butterfly, mushrooms and a type of orchid.

The 10,000-colons note features a rainforest with a three-toed sloth, orchids and mushrooms.

The reverse of the 5,000 note is a mangrove with a crab and a white-faced monkey.

Public acceptance of the new 20,000-colon note was limited because it represents about $40 U.S. The 50,000-colon note will be worth about $100. Until the 20,000-colon note appeared, the largest denomination was 10,000 colons, which created a stack of bills when someone had to carry the equivalent of $2,000 or $3,000 in cash.

The current bills will be honored through the end of the year. All of the new bills are made of cotton-fiber paper. The new 1,000-colon note, which is made of plastic has generated some criticisms.

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