U.S. boat leaves area without delivering marijuana evidence

The U.S. Embassy said Wednesday that the “USS Carr” had been waiting offshore for more than a week for legislative permission to deliver marijuana for a criminal proceeding. Now the U.S. Navy vessel has left the area.

The “Carr” is a Navy boat but it is operating as a platform for the U.S. Coast Guard, which confiscated 81 bundles of marijuana that fleeing smugglers had tossed in the water.

The smugglers were spotted by helicopter some 100 miles northeast of Limón, and eventually three persons were detained
by Costa Rican patrol boat crews.

The embassy release noted that the “Carr” was among those
vessels that were part of a request for docking made in December. A request specifically for the “Carr” was made Aug. 14 so it could deliver the evidence, the release said.

Lawmakers from the Partido Liberación Nacional have blamed the Partido Acción Ciudadana for preventing the legislature from acting on the request.

Without the marijuana, security officials fear the three men may go free.

Anne S. Andrew, the U.S. ambassador here, said that the recent interdiction underlines that it is imperative that the Asamblea Legislativa approve the docking of Navy boats that participate in missions at sea. The docking of U.S. boats has been a controversial topic among lawmakers.

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