Weather experts keep an eye on Tropical Storm Isaac

Isaac has the potential to take a course that would bring indirect hurricane effects to Costa Rica.

There is another trouble spot in the Atlantic that is getting close attention from weather experts here. The weather system, now Tropical Storm Isaac, is still east of the Lesser Antilles, but the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional already issued a cautionary bulletin.

The storm center is at 15.6 degrees north latitude, significantly higher than Costa Rica, and the weather observers hope the storm moves even higher.

AccuWeather, Inc., a private forecasting firm in State College, Pennsylvania, thinks so. The firm issued a press bulletin Tuesday that said the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Cuba were at high risk from torrential rains through the end of the week. The firm also said that Isaac may turn into a hurricane.
The weather institute here noted that Isaac is the ninth named storm in the 2012 hurricane season.
The forecasters at the institute said that the storm was moving west northwest. And that it was too far away to affect the country now.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, said the storm was moving just slightly south of due west. That track would bring Isaac firmly into the Caribbean. Movement was estimated at 30 kph or about 19 mph.

There is yet another trouble spot in the Atlantic closer to Africa that is expected to develop into a tropical storm over the next two days, said the hurricane center.

Costa Rica has not suffered from the indirect effects of any Atlantic storm yet this year.

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