Woman angler a candidate for salt water fishing record

n Alabama woman is a candidate for an international fishing record after she landed a 27.98-kilogram (61-pound, 11-ounce) Pacific cubera snapper (Lutjanus novemfasciatus) off Flamingo June 30.

The International Game Fish Association said that the woman, Sjon A. Harless, qualified for consideration for the women’s 60-kilogram (130-pound) line class record.

Ms. Harless was slow trolling live bait and needed 10 minutes to boat the fish, the association said, adding that the current record is 25.85 kilograms or 57 pounds on that type of fishing line. Ms. Harless also was the association’s 2012 female saltwater angler of the year because of other records that she holds. She was fishing with Capt. Luis Ruiz, the association said.

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