Accountability required in testing of all products

Science and belief are both imperfect. Very often one contradicts the other. This is why newspapers (both online and hard copy) have editorial sections and letters to the editor. It is important to recognize which is which in our daily lives, and to carefully express the caveats that accompany each.

Man has been genetically engineering plants and animals (and indeed mankind itself!) since he/she was intelligent to make choices, by selecting some and rejecting other members of the species. People who condemn the entire process do so out of misplaced belief. They are ignorant of the facts.

We have also been finding ways to protect ourselves against diseases whenever science has advanced enough, by a variety of means, including vaccinations. Some people condemn all vaccinations out of misplaced belief. They are ignorant of the facts.

Science has advanced and discovered information of service to all of us through its understanding of evolution. Some people believe evolution does not exist as science demonstrates. They are ignorant of the facts.

I have noticed that in such cases, some people get disturbed when their beliefs are challenged. Beliefs can be tested, using science, and access to scientific information is available to all. Science itself can be tested, but tests of science based solely on belief simply do not stand up. Science tests itself, but only if we demand it.

We must learn to demand accountability through independent testing of all products produced by both private industry and by government. And do the same for all claims made by various religious groups and those who proclaim healing powers outside the realm of science. Demand accountability.

John French

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