Another cleanup scheduled for World Oceans Day

In honor of Día Mundial de los Océanos Saturday, groups involved with Asociación Terra Nostra will spend the weekend cleaning around the ocean.

One such is Grupo Gollo, a company which markets and distributes household appliances, furniture, video and computer hardware.

Grupo Gollo has an electronic recycling program and will be responsible for the collection and treatment of electronic waste during this second grand national effort of ocean cleaning Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

It is common to find electronic waste in rivers because for many it is easier to throw kitchen appliances or televisions that no longer work here. There is also informal recycling, and on many occasions the appliances are deposited on vacant lots or buried, according to staffers at the Asociación Terra Nostra.

The company’s efforts will ensure that electronic waste will receive proper treatment and will not go to the dumps or municipal landfills.

The theme of the weekend is “Limpieza Internacional de Costas y Riveras” and the cleaning promotes The Ocean Conservancy organization. The goal is to draw the attention of the world by an urgent change of culture in the management of solid waste and avoid their impact on human health and coastal ecosystems, a release said.

During this weekend institutions, municipalities, organizations and many volunteers will participate in the cleaning Playa Guacalillo in Puntarenas, rivers and other areas of 44 different cantons of the country. The beach is at the mouth of the Río Grande de Tárcoles, which carries a lot of trash from the Central Valley.

Volunteers at the event will classify all the waste they find to contribute to the production of the only world index of marine waste, divided country-by-country and published by The Ocean Conservancy.

Asociación Terra Nostra’s objective is to achieve that Costa Rica in 2015 will be a green country and clean, it said.

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