Another quake hot spot appears in northeast Costa Rica

Red dots show estimated epicenters of nine quakes

Costa Rican earthquake experts report that the Sept. 5 event in the Pacific Ocean appears to have stimulated a formerly unknown fault in extreme northeast Costa Rica.

The Red Sismológica Nacional, Costa Rica said that there have been nine earthquakes in a very small area between 5:55 p.m. Saturday and 7:49 a.m. Monday. The location is near the disputed Isla Calero and in the area of the Río Colorado.

The quakes ranged in magnitude from 3.1 to 3.9. The Red, which is based on the Universidad de Costa Rica, said that there are few persons in the area and that there are no reports of humans having felt the quakes.

There is a sensing device in Tortugero that kept track of the quakes, the Red said. Typically this is an area of few earthquakes, although historical references speak of quakes in the 17th century that caused changes in the Rio San Juan to the extent of making it unnavigable for larger ships, said the Red.

Isla Calero is the land that is disputed by Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The case is in the World Court.

In other earthquake-related news, the Observatorio Vucanológico y Sismológico at Universidad Nacional in Heredia restated its prediction that there probably would be another major earthquake in the Nicoya area. The statement by the Observatorio scientists had been questioned by other quake experts.

The Observatorio said that its scientists have been studying the area for two decades along with international experts.

The Observatorio also has many sensing stations there.

Last Sept. 11 Marino Protti and Víctor González of the Observatorio gave that prediction at a press conference. The Observatorio said it stood behind the words of its scientists and would not discuss the matter further.

Protti has been very active in preparing Nicoya residents for strong earthquakes.

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