Another warning about high seas issued for the Pacific coast

Pacific coast residents are being warned again about the possibilities of high seas through Thursday.

The national emergency commission said that those most vulnerable are in Barrio el Carmen and El Cocal in Puntarenas and Boca Vieja and el Cocal de Quepos. The highest seas are expected in the mornings, the agency said. The commission also said that the south Pacific coast also might be vulnerable.

Coastal areas suffered flooding last month and in July, but estimates now are that the seas will be even higher. Some residents in Caldera at Puntarenas Centro lost their homes
when the seas pushed in sand and rocks.

The high seas are attractive to surfers, but the conditions can be fatal.

The cause of the high seas has been attributed to a number of factors, but mainly the tides are a result of the pull of the moon.

The Centro de Investigación del Mar at the Universidad de Costa Rica is working closely with the emergency commission to predict problems. The commission said that operators of small boats may face problems and that the mouths of rivers could be troublesome.

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