Cable Tica cuts Fox News and conspiracy suspected

I am pretty shocked that Cable Tica has cut Fox News out of their line up. I, for one, have discontinued my service with Cable Tica and have ordered SKY. We all know the main stream media: CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC all are for the Democratic ticket. All I can figure is that all this power of the U.S.A. wants to see the U.S.A. go by the way of Greece. That exactly what will happen if Oboma is voted in president again. Now, that long arm seems to have reached Costa Rica. Why would Cable Tica cut Fox News from their lineup? Is there anyone else that is also mad about Cable Tica doing this? Does anyone know if Amnet did it also?

God help the U.S.A. if my fellow countrymen vote back Obama for another four years. If you want four more years of high unemployment, $7 a gallon gas, and $7 trillion more debt (if China decides to lend it to us),: You should vote Obama. That is exactly what will happen. If you don’t want those things: Please wake up, America, before it is too late.
James Middlebrooks
Cariari, Heredia

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