China will lend country $400 million for highway

China is prepared to loan Costa Rica $400 million to widen Ruta 32 from Río Frio to Limón Centro.

The Costa Rican government said the deal was negotiated by Vice President Luis Liberman who traveled to China.

The highway is now two lanes. The project will bring the lanes to four. The project does not include work on the mountainous section north of San José where the tall cliffs are collapsing on the roadway.

The government said that the financing was initiated by President Laura Chinchilla during her trip to China in August.

The loan would be for 20 years with a 3.5 interest rate.

Liberman was quoted by Casa Presidential saying that the loan would be submitted to the Asamblea Legislativa.

The route is about 106 kilometers or about 66 miles. That makes the job about $6 million a mile. Bridges would have to be reconstructed to accommodate the widening.

This highway is the main route from San José to Limón and return. It also will be getting traffic from a new highway across the northern part of the country.

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