Coffee with mushroom is basis for new business

Laura Lang

Laura Lang is pretty confident that she has a winner. To the casual observer she is just another one of those multi-level marketers promoting hope and an unusual product.

A close look shows she might be on the cutting end of a winning idea. Multi-level marketing has a bad name. Usually it is seen as a way of getting stuck with boxes of product no one wants to buy.

Yet, some of the more successful business ventures, such as Amway, are that type of business. Defenders of the concept say the biggest critics are those who did
not work hard and did not make money.

Ms. Lang, a Costa Rican-Panamanian dual national, is involved with Organo Gold, a Canadian company that markets coffee that contains Ganoderma lucidum, a mushroom considered for 2,000 years in Asia as delivering health benefits with no side effects.

Ms. Lang is no novice to coffee. She has a strong background in agriculture, starting with an agricultural engineering degree from EARTH University where she was graduated with honors in1998.

She also has a strong background in organic agriculture, a history as a coffee consultant and a relationship with the  Rain Forest Alliance. She most recently was executive director of the Climate Change Allies Program. Ms. Lang also has an M.B.A. from ULACIT awarded in 2004.

Consequently, her opinion would seem to carry weight when she characterizes the mushroom as  having the healthiest properties ever found on Earth

“I have always loved coffee and saw in this business to which a close friend referred me, a great opportunity to help me and others towards the goal of financial freedom, something really hard to obtain in Latin America where only 4 percent of the population is financially free.

“I have also tried to think out of the box and convinced foundations and non-profits to be part of this coffee business, as an alternative way of having economic sustainability, and not to depend in a 10 percent of charity and philanthropy.”

Organo Gold is a Canadian company that has estimated 2012 income of $300 million. Worldwide there are 350,000 distributors of a family of organic products that make use of the Asian mushroom.

Ms. Lang’s short-term goal is to build a sales network. So she is seeking associates. More information is HERE!

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