Creator of sloth campaign scheduled to speak here

The Cámara Nacional de Turismo has set Sept. 25 and 26 for the national tourism congress. Among those scheduled to speak is the man invovled with the nation’s advertising campaign that featured a talking sloth.

The event will be at the Hotel Costa Rica Marriott. The chamber said that the sessions would offer tourism operators ways to improve their negotiating strategies in the face of new trends, demands and market profiles, This is the 17th year for the event.

Some 16 national and international presenters will attend, the chamber said.

Among those speaking will be Chris Tuff, director of communications media for 22 Squared. This is the firm that created the sloth campaign in which the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo gave away free trips in the hopes of creating a flurry on Facebook. The campaign has been controversial. The tourism institute spent some $6.4 million on the campaign.

The tourism chamber also will be hosting an executive of Google to promote that company’s advertising. A PayPal executive also is scheduled to attend. PayPal is an electronic money transfer service that recently made an agreement with Banco Nacional for services here.

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