Dogs were taken by surprise as well as the human residents

Servicios Periodísticos Globales S. A. photos
A home in Sámara as well as one in Nicoya show the impact of the quake.

They say animals can hear quakes comings. Well some were taken by surprise Wednesday just like humans..

A sleeping reporter learned of the quake when his 30-kilo (66-pound) dog landed on his chest with an anxious expression. The room was swaying from side to side.
In Nosara on the far Pacific coast, resident Carl Wells reported that he rescued a freaked-out dog who had broken out of her home during the quake and was hit by a car. The mishap resulted in what appears to be a fractured femur.

Wells said that the dog was in shock but appeared to be recovering well. He took the animal home in order to seek the owner today.

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