Don’t tell me the headline and story really said that!

The wrong word in a news story and headline brought an avalanche of reader comments Tuesday.

A new story identified gluten-free food asglutton-free. Of course the meanings are not the same, a fact that dozens of readers drove home with sometimes humorous comments.

“I read the article on glutton-free food in today’s issue thinking some bright individual discovered food that won’t make you fat,” said one reader. That was not to be.

The article was about a local pioneer in gluten-free food that benefits persons with celiac disease.

“Where does one buy ‘glutton-free products’ (definition of glutton: an excessively greedy eater) because when it comes to enjoyment of good food, count me as an offender,” said another.

One of the benefits of online publication is that such errors can be fixed easily, although not in the emailed daily digest.

One writer said newspaper management should fire the one who made the error. But that would mean there would be no newspaper management because the editor is ultimately responsible for everything that appears here. Of course, a coward could have blamed a spellchecker.

Note to advertisers: See how many people are reading this online newspaper closely each morning?

As to the alert readers, please keep your email comments coming. The news staff members are gluttons for punishment.

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