Double murder and suicide is most serious of weekend cases

A woman who was separated from her husband and her daughter-in-law died after the man arrived late Saturday and shot both. The man then killed himself.

The drama played out in a second-floor living area above the pair’s macrobiotic store in Puntarenas, according to judicial investigators.

The woman, identified by the last name of Briseño, died with a pistol in her hand. It had not been fired, investigators said. She was 55.

The daughter-in-law,who had the last name of González, was alive when rescue workers and police arrived shortly after midnight. But she died either on route to Hospital México or shortly after arriving. She was 21.

The man was identified by the last name of Saavedra. He was married to Ms. Briseño, but the pair had been separated.

Before he killed himself, Saavedra called a friend, admitted shooting the two women and said he was going to kill himself. The friend called police.

Agents said that the couple had a history of domestic violence. They speculated that the man arrived with the intention of resuming the relationship but that a dispute developed.

The man was found with a .38-caliber pistol that agents assume he shot the two women with.

There also was gun play in San Sebastián in southern San José early Sunday. Three men got into an argument in the street, and one began firing against the homes in the area. A resident

who was not involved in the dispute suffered a bullet wound in the left eye, said the Judicial Investigating Organization. Agents detained two men later.

Agents gave these accounts of other weekend shootings:

In another case, about 2:40 a.m. Sunday three men arrived at Hospital México with gunshot wounds. A 19 year old with the last name of López suffered two bullets to the chest. A 22 year old with the last name of Bucardo suffered a bullet wound to the mouth. A third man who was not identified immediately suffered wounds in the neck and chest. He was the most seriously injured.

The shootings appear to have taken place in Barrio Los Ángeles in La Carpio, but agents said they did not know the circumstances.

In Curridabat Saturday night a 23 year old suffered a bullet wound to the hand when he was standing outside a store and men on a motorcycle rode by and shot him. That was in Tirrases de Curridabat east of San José. The motive still is unknown, agents said.

In Batán, province of Limón about 11 a.m. Saturday two young men and a girl suffered bullet wounds when they were fired upon from ambush. Agents said that six young persons were driving on a road through a banana plantation when assailants with firearms opened up on their car.

The 13 year old suffered two bullets in the face and one in the right shoulder. A 17 year old suffered a wound to the hand and one to the back. The girl, 16, suffered a wound to the arm.

Agents said that one of the assailants was identified and that the motive appears to have been a grudge.

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