Fake bills are making the rounds in Guanacaste, police report

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía
y Seguridad Pública photo
Here are the bills that were confiscated Saturday

Even though the new bills issued by the Banco Central are supposed to be very difficult to copy, in the low light of a bar or dance club fakes can pass for real. There has been a wave of fake currency in Guanacaste, but police managed to confiscate more than 700,000 in bad bills over the weekend. Two men were detained.

The fake bills are a mixture of old and new currency. Crooks appear to have copied even the new 50,000-colon note. One turned up Friday in Guayabo de Bagaces.

Then Saturday some bad bills turned up in several bars, and police were notified. Officers in a patrol car located a vehicle in the vicinity of the sports plaza in Villarreal de Tamarindo.

A short time later they encountered the occupants of the vehicle in the community hall making a purchase with what was reported to be bad bills.

Upon searching one of the men, officers reported that they found a stash of fake bills hidden in the man’s underwear, In all there was 727,000 colons in fake bills, about $1,475, they said.

The Banco Central has details on the security features in the new bills on its Web site.

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