Fire fighters get a tower to practice vertical techniques

Cuerpo de Bomberos photo
Fire fighters show off their skills at the new tower.

Costa Rican fire fighters will get training on high altitude rescues thanks to a new tower that was inaugurated Thursday.

The tower is said to be unique in Central America. The tower is 24 meters high, some 79 feet with nine levels.

The structure went up at the Academia Nacional de Bomberos in San Antonio de Desamparados.

A spokes person for the Cuerpo de Bomberos said that the tower can provide training in many ways, including making rescues in tall buildings.

The tower cost 290 million colons, about $580,000. Not only firemen here will use it. Fire officials said that training might also be given to fire fighters from other countries.

Some of the training might involve the manipulation of hoses in tall structures and movements within confined spaces, officials said.

The officials said that in the 32,000 emergencies last year there were a number that required some form of vertical effort.

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