Form for Internet deliveries is called very intrusive

Occasionally I order items from the U.S. using the Internet. These items are not cheap. I cannot buy them here. Sometimes instead the item being delivered I receive notification that I must travel to Puntarenas and pick it up. That takes up most of the day. When the cost of gasoline is included, it sometimes doubles the cost of the item. The duty collected is just a few colons.

The cost of the items I import never approaches the allowed $500. I am not in any business. I am not going to resell the items. It appears that the person sorting the packages just arbitrarily sets aside packages, perhaps because they are a little larger or weigh a little more. They set aside a package apparently by whim.

The other day A.M. Costa Rica had an article claiming that customs and Correos de Costa Rica were going to change the procedure and make it easier. All I had to do was fill out a form. There was a link to the form. It asked for my name and address. It also asked for my passport number, my Social Security number, my birthplace and birth date. Why do they need all of that information? I am very reluctant to send that amount of personal information over the Internet. I did not fill out the form.

John McClure
Nuevo Arenal

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