Frontier police put quick end to hunt for wild pigs

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía
y Seguridad Pública photo
This is a sainto or piccary

The Policía de Fronteras busted up a pig hunt in northern Costa Rica when officers forced a group of hunters to flee after killing just one animal, the agency reported.

The encounter was in the Zona Protectora Volcán Miravalles. With the frontier police were park guards.

Police were able to cause the hunters to flee without the dead animal, which is called a sainto in Spanish. The animals are called piccaries in English. The animals involved are believed to have been Tayassu pecari, the most widely distributed of the four species in the Americas.

A report from the security ministry said that the hunters dropped a .25-caliber pistol and left behind two hunting dogs when they fled.

The animals are important to the environment, in part, because they provide food for larger predators, said the ministry. They travel in herds of up to two dozen.

Visitors to Monteverde have reported encountering a friendly member of the species, known as Charlie to the locals. The animal is featured in a YouTube video behaving very much like a dog.  He lets the visitors touch him and then lies down for a massage.

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