Genetically modified plants are called an abomination

Yesterday, Sept 17, is day.  Perhaps as a public service you would share this link to a documentary  film, available online free for a few more days.

If people don’t have the time or inclination to protest, please make the time to watch this film, and then share with all your friends and those you love.  It is really important to understand just what genetically modified organism (GMOs) do and how they affect your health and the health of our animals and the planet.  These generically altered seeds have been approved with virtually NO independent studies in the U.S.  They have been banned in most of the world. The BIG chemical companies have bought out the Food and Drug Administration and the FDA has given itself power to write LAWS.  There is less “testing” on GMOs then adding  new color to food.  It is against the “FDA LAW” for the Florida Citrus Association to say “an orange a day prevents scurvy”.  PROVEN MEDICAL FACT, but the FDA regulations says “only pharmaceuticals can prevent or cure disease.”

For those of you lucky enough to live in California, or with friends there, they have an opportunity to make companies label these GMOs abominations of nature by voting yes on Prop 37. Please share this video far and wide.  Everyone needs to know this stuff before it’s too late. Pura Comida!!!

Fortunately for us living in Costa Rica, bean, rice and wheat have not been genetically altered. Unfortunately, virtually all U.S. soy, corn, cottonseed oil, canola and sugar beets have been altered.  Which means avoid all fried foods, soft drinks, and dairy!!!!!

Now we need to ask the government of Costa Rica to protect it’s people and ban all import of GMO grains as a national health risk.

Ed Rose
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