Heredia university students rally to save fig tree

German Rivera Coto discusses the tree in a video

Students at the Universidad Nacional are rallying to protect an old fig tree on the campus.

The Federación de Estudiantes outlined the situation Wednesday night in a press release and referenced a YouTube video featuring German Rivera Coto, an expert in tree diseases at the university.

The tree, called a higuerón in Spanish is aFicus elastica. Members of this species are impressive trees and can be found all around the Central Valley as well as around the world.

In the video Rivera contradicts what appears to be the administration claim that the tree is infected fatally with fungus. The tree occupies a spot on the 11 de April Esplanade at the campus in Heredia. The students said it is an historical part of the legacy of the university.

The text with the video suggested that there is a hidden agenda of remodeling that involved getting rid of the tree.

The student federation said its members want information from experts with credible credentials.

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