Historical project compiled clips about the Campaña Nacional

They say that daily journalism is the first rough draft of history. Frequently the work surfaces as a primary historical resource.

Such is the case with the Campaña Nacional in 1856 and 1857. That was the effort headed by then-president Juan Rafael Mora Porras to prevent the forces of U.S. filibusterer William Walker from taking over Central America.

A group of historians and others interested in that period have compiled newspapers, magazines and even the Costa Rican
official bulletin of the period. The work was unveiled Friday. Banco Nacional is a sponsor.

Also included are news reports from U.S. newspapers at the time. Industrialist Cornelius Vanderbilt was deeply involved in the war between the Central American states and the Walker regime in Nicaragua. There also was strong interest in the southern United States because Walker supported slavery.

The book is the work of the Héroe Olvidado or “forgotten hero” project to rescue the historical facts of the campaign and to reinforce national values, said a release.

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