Limón Carnaval begins with queen contest Oct. 5

The Municipalidad de Limón and the region residents are preparing for one of the biggest events in the Caribbean, Carnaval.

Colorful parades, Caribbean food, calypso music and dancing in the streets are just some of the draws to this two-week celebration usually hosted around Oct. 12, known in Costa Rica as the Dia de las Culturas.

The attraction brings in tourists from around the country and world.

This year the festival will run from Oct. 11 until Oct. 21. The election and coronation of the carnival queen on Oct. 5 will be a pre-event before the official festivities begin.
Two women, Cecila Hudson and Ana Smith, share the organizer hat. They have designed a program where everyday begins with atronadores bombetas or “intense exploding fireworks” at noon, followed by masquerades through the main streets and avenues of Limón Centro. Most nights end with an open air concert or karaoke in Parque Vargas.

Fireworks at 8 p.m. will signal the end of the planned day.

Oct. 12 will be the children’s parade while Oct. 20 will be the main parade, Gran Desfile del Carnaval del Caribe. The grand parade begins in Barrio Jamaica Town and ending in Parque Vargas.

Both parades start at 1 p.m.

The final bombetas at midnight Oct. 22 will signify the end of Carnaval Limón 2012.

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