Maybe you just have to be certifiable to drive here

The big news on the Spanish-language television stations Tuesday night involved a psychiatric patient who commandeered an ambulance and went on a drive to Rohrmoser from Pavas.

“How could they tell,” asked Mario, the taxi driver. “Most of the people on the highways act like they are crazy.”

“And you would have to be crazy to take off at lunch hour.”

But the taxi driver said that the patient may be
diagnosed as having mental problems, but she was not unintelligent. She took a vehicle that has red lights and a siren, he noted as he listened to the television news over his taxi radio. “I wish I had one like that,” he allowed.

The ambulance was left with the keys inside at the Hospital Nacional Psiquiátrico. The motive for the female patient to take off with the vehicle is still unknown.

“If they confined all the crazy drivers, there would be no traffic jams for us to face,” said Mario. Then he shut one eye and tilted his head: “And I am not too sure about you.”

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