More wind predicted for today rain on the Pacific coast

The Central Valley enjoyed a bright, sunny day Wednesday that brought visions of the dry season, but wind took its toll around the country.

More wind is predicted for today. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional reported in an afternoon bulletin that a system of low pressure in Panamá had intensified generating downpours along the southern border of Costa Rica. The system moved to the west in the late afternoon, and there was heavy rain in the Caribbean coast, the northern zone and in the south Pacific coast.
Rains Wednesday night appeared to be targeting the central Pacific coast.

More wind is predicted for today. The weather institute said that there is a possibility of heavy rain in the south and central Pacific. In the Central Valley there is a chance of rain in the evening in the higher elevations, the institute said.

Strong winds are created with air rushes to fill a low-pressure area. Typically the winds do damage to Costa Rican housing and utility cables. The winds generally drive away the moisture that causes rain, hence the mostly clear, unseasonable skies in the Central Valley.

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