New Museo de Arte y Diseño exposition tres partes diviso est

The Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo will explore the flexibility, ambiguity and suggestiveness of art through its new series entitled minima maxima sunt by Eduardo Chang.

The exhibit, which makes use of Latin words, takes participants on a journey through three parts: visual art, verbal and creation.

First is the artwork of Chang. The artist said that he wishes to reinterpret the world that now has become used to short ideas, tweets and Facebook status back into complex thought. The exhibit started Sept. 19 and will run until Oct. 13.

He uses a series of everyday images to provoke topics similar to the period of the scientific enlightenment.

“The game of the form with the contents from a minimum number of items, is an important aspect in the motion for Chang,” said museum curator Maria José Chavarria. “The word that is repeated, the mention of the appropriate appointment, elasticity in their various uses, returns to the appropriation of contexualizations, snapshots, and famous phrases in a community of global and immediate information.”

The second portion, ipsissima verb or “the very word,” is a free film series of classic American movies that depict everyday culture.
“In these projections we find quotations we quote on a daily basis in the form of memes or tributes,” the museum said. “They are understood as a kind of cultural soup, something like a tablet that allows a complex idea to penetrate quickly. This is true for historical phrases, sayings of popular wisdom and snippets of pop culture. These films show a true breeding ground which swarm instant thoughts and characters that seem to always have ipsissima verb.”

Woody Allen’s 1980 production “Stardust Memories” is the first film and will play today. Next is 1998’s “Rushmore” directed by Wes Anderson on Oct. 4 followed by 2001’s “Donnie Darko” directed by Richard Kelly Oct. 11. All movies begin at 6 p.m.

Ending the series will be a workshop, verb, non acta, on Oct. 13 that allows participants to create a visual representation of impromptu phrases. They can make preliminary photos or sketches. But they will only be allowed to use magazines, photocopies, scissors and glue for the final product.

Those involved will have 45 minutes for production, 2.5 minutes to present and explain their results and fifteen minutes to share a small potluck snack.

This last event is from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Space is limited and persons can register by e-mail at or telephone at 2223-6012 or 2222-3489. The contact person is Antonieta Sibaja.

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