Officials plan to eliminate directions a la Tico

It’s official. Two major state banks and the Municipalidad de San José will unveil this morning what is being described as a way to identify dozens of blocks in the city with modern addresses.

This is the latest effort to get away from the landmark system that took root in Costa Rica in early Colonial times. That is the use of meters and directions from a landmark that may no longer be standing.

Nearly all buildings in downtown San José have numbers. The offices of A.M. Costa Rica are at 1335 Avenida 11, but no one uses that address. Instead, the offices are located 175 meters west of the ramp at Hospital Calderón Guardia.

San José Mayor Johnny Araya, a likely presidential candidate, has been pushing for modern nomenclature. That is not just to make the town look modern. Emergency vehicle crews often are stymied by the archaic instructions. Banco de Costa Rica and Banco Nacional both say that delivery services and Correos de Costa Rica will benefit from the new system.

Alas, anyone wishing to see the presentation of the new system this morning at 9:30 a.m. has to find it by going 100 meters north of the Catedral Metropolitana. That’s on Calle 0 for those who keep track.

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