Portal to San Jose’s Calle Chino is nearly completed

A.M. Costa Rica photos/Kayla Pearson
The entryway is nearly finished, although much of the walkway remains undone.

This portal is the new look on Avenida 2 as the proposed Calle Chino takes place. The entry is exactly what has been proposed in plans, including the stone balls to be placed around the pillars.

The location is Calle 9, also known as the Paseo de los Estudiantes. The 600 meters stretch will be a walkway decorated with Chinese lamps. The cost is about $1.4 million with the government of the People’s Republic picking up much of the tab. The biggest promoter of the project is San Jose’s mayor, Johnny Araya Monge.

The stone balls are not to be confused with the pre-Columbian spheres found in southwestern Costa Rica. These spheres have been imported from China, said workmen Monday. They had the job of polishing and sanding the spheres, which will be placed around key points of the entryway.

Workmen prepare the imported stone spheres for
placement around the entryway to Calle Chino.

The project has been controversial in that some of the residents would prefer that the street remain the way it was. The idea is to create a cultural space for the many Chinese immigrants who have settled and opened businesses along Paseo de los Estudiantes.

The project is expected to be done early next year.

That will be a relief to motorists and taxi drivers who have had to confront ripped up sections of road while traveling on the cross streets.

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